Client Testimonials


Shermann was very pleasant throughout the entire course. Not only was he very patient, he was constantly encouraging us towards achieving lesson objectives

Claire Teo Wan Ling

The trainer motivates us immensely, displaying wide ranging industry knowledge.

Adna Tan

Went in with a bit of fear, but Shermann's warmth and genuine nature put me at ease immediately. Will definitely be recommending him to my colleagues and friends.

Mdm Kausalyah

An individual with a keen eye for the unique. Shermann's grasp of my product concept was top notch, and he was able to value-add within the short ad-hoc meeting we had

Gwendoline Chen, senior marketing manager

In the complex world of marketing and PR, Shermann keeps it simple and effective.

Adina Hanis, brand manager

Shermann and his team offered insightful advice beyond the scope of what they were tasked to accomplish. Meticulous and stuck to the deadlines despite circumstances beyond their control

SC Tham