Why PR means more now than ever before

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Since time immemorial, companies have relied on the genius of marketing to upsell their products and services. Once in a while, we’d bear witness to campaigns of sheer genius, that is able to elevate one’s addition to the market place.

Most of the time, the product ultimately sells itself. People aren’t fools, and most have the inherent capacity to figure out for themselves what they need/want, and what works best without having it shoved down their throats.

Fast forward to our current era. Nothing much has changed by way of how a company touts its latest offerings. Or has it? Every product prides itself in some way or another of providing a novel experience. How else are they to convince you to part with your hard-earned dollar? Most, if not all, utilize the terms like “innovation”, “cutting-edge”.

But are they really? Strip a product down to what it really accomplishes, and we find at least 3 Google-search-pages worth of similar offerings. There are no longer great products out there, just other products. And yours sits amongst them, lost in a sea of the average. Pardon the pessimism, but this time it feels like a legitimate innovation saturation.

But this was inevitable. The last great break-through product was probably the Internet itself, the smartphone that followed, and more recently perhaps Instagram. Very few companies have managed to churn out life-altering gifts to humanity since.

You cannot help but feel like the landscape has changed as we bid farewell to the bygone era of spine-tingling iPhone launches and the likes as the innovation revolution tapers.

The point is- you now need to put more, if not all emphasis into the delivery of the product rather than the product itself. As a CEO of an organization, your brainchild means everything, and you truly belief that. It is the culmination of your blood, sweat and tears. It is the finality of all those investor dollars (and some your own). You want it to work, you need it to work. You approach the market place with zeal and vigour, only to re-emerge despondent and underwhelmed from the reaction. Somehow everyone else that matters (ie your target consumer base), doesn’t share your sentiment. To many, they have seen it all before. You failed in making them seeing anything worth buying. You failed to make them FEEL like it was something worth purchasing.

Here is where and why you need to consider a helping hand. You may know who your customers are, but we know how they are, and what makes them tick, what gives them that buzz. We make a living from it. We are master conveyors of the message. We translate your great invention into comprehensible. We strip away the technicalities, and tell a story. People love a good story. We strip away specifications and replace them with emotion. We get consumers to stop seeing your product, and start to feel it.

Now more than ever, PR makes the difference between a head-turner and a shelf-sitter. Now more than ever.

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