Body of Work

A snapshot of clients, projects and courses

AXN Asia

Media campaign and offline activation for the launch of AXN's marquee programmes such as Hawaii 5-0

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AmbiLab's Ambi Climate

Helping Ambi Labs create a cult following for its Ambi Climate product - to personalize the everpresent air-conditioner experience using the AI-enabled controls.

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Office Bites Invasion was a campaign to drop in on offices during meal times to offer the ravenous staff quick and delectable bites on-the-go.

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Press Coverage

Press Coverage

Take a glimpse at some of the press releases we have done, placing clients front and center where they achieved the visibility that they desired.

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If a picture paints a thousand words, then what about moving pictures? Allow us to help you visualise what your product/service could be with our PR midas touch. 

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Video Camera
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Continual Education/Adult Training

As a respected associate trainer at AGB Education Singapore, I conduct and oversee a wide range of programmes and courses. Some of these include Digital Literacy and Communication courses, as well as E-Commerce programmes.

Post-Graduate Career Guidance Workshops

Clients include Nanyang Technological University, where participants range from undergraduates to PhD holders ready to make the leap to securing their dream job.