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About Shermann

Contrary to convention, the road that leads me here is one crafted through hard lessons and periodic moments of inspiration, all of which culminates to a life's worth of experience- both personally and professionally. Prior to completing my tertiary education at the National University of Singapore, I knew that my route would differ from my peers. Never satisfied with pouring my energies into just one professional field and settle into the routine 9 to 5, I ventured into many different areas of interests and passions- writing, the arts, events management, lifestyle promotion, and finally being an educator.

My philosophy was simple- try to make a living out of doing the things I loved and happened to be pretty good at. Well it got me this far, so it couldn't have been all bad. Let's see how much further we can take this shall we?

My latest projects

My Latest Projects



Partnering Ambi Labs to create a cult following for its Ambi Climate product - to personalize the everpresent air-conditioner experience using the AI-enabled controls.


KSGC 2022

Created awareness around the topics of Korea’s pro startup stance, next-gen infrastructure, and amazing response to COVID-19. Secured media opportunities for client and also past participants of the accelerator. Utilised social media to amplify the message. Phase 2 set up fully digital audition process starting from custom-coded signup, submission of content, and Zoom auditions for judges in multiple locations.

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