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About Shermann Razal

Being adept at adapting to new and dynamic environments has seen me work in very different fields. I regularly consort with SMEs in assisting in PR/branding work, in industries ranging from lifestyle and entertainment, to smart-tech and products/services.
I am especially intrigued with human capital and growth potential. It is clear that there will never be an endpoint. Growth is a flux, and therefore incapable of being a result. The goal then is to be ahead of the curve, and ensure that credibility meets visibility. 


My Services


Career Guidance and Realignment

Keep up with everchanging industry needs

Here at SRC, we recognise the ever-evolving world we inhabit. The workspace too is in constant flux, calling for new skills and talents. We sit down with our clients and through lengthy discussion and analysis, implement a strategy that enhances your profile.


Content Creation

If you are going to tell a story, make it an epic tale

Our clients have big dreams for their products and services, but not enough time to shout it out loud to the world. That is where we take the time to understand what you are about, and what you wish to achieve, and convert it into a relatable bite of information. Marketing isn't just about telling people what it is. It's about allowing them to imagine what it could be.


Continual Education Workshops

Because learning never ends

As a certified adult educator with decades of experience delivering a wide spectrum of content, we conduct centre-based courses ranging from post-graduate workshops to skills upgrading sessions for mid-career professionals. Have something in mind for your staff to improve the workspace dynamics? Or suddenly feeling left behind in digital literacy? Let’s chat.


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